Of Crying That Makes Us Strong

I have never seen a person cry. For most of my life, the people around me have always been happy. When the day of tears arrived, they left.

I know people cry when they are in pain. They cry when every breath is laboured and things do not seem to be making sense. People cry when they are weak. And some cry, even when they are strong. People like you.

Mom used to say that it is okay to cry. For one day, every tear will dry up and you can stand up again. She often used to joke around and say that crying helps clear the vision. She had a weird sense of humour, I agree. Though her words never made sense back then, I think they do, now.

Every time a person falls; every time a person is in pain; every time a person cries, it helps them get a newer perspective. For we take off our rose-tinted glasses and retrospect. And by the time we are done crying, we know already that we’ll never be crying again for the same reason.

In some wickedly strange way, crying makes us strong.


21 thoughts on “Of Crying That Makes Us Strong”

  1. I saw something once that said “Crying isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign you’re living.” It also had something about that when a baby first cries, you know it’s alive.

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  2. I love this post! My grandmother had a way with words that I didn’t understand until years later. Thank you for the ‘like’ and the ‘follow’ on The Task. And since I love coffee probably as much as you, I’m going to follow and read more of your post. Thanks, JC

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    1. It’s really great to know that you liked the post. I liked yours too. It’s always a good experience to know people’s perspectives and thank you for sharing yours! 🙂

      And cheers, coffee lovers!


  3. Your so right! Crying does make us stronger! We can learn a lesson by falling on our faces every once in awhile and when we get back up we’re ready to fight! Thanks for this post!

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  4. A matter of fact incident we must all go through one time or the other. Many things we encounter in ones younger days don’t make meaning till much later. As we advance, we come to term with all situations and live with them. Thank you for the visit, my great pleasure to know your beautiful blog.

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  5. Thank you for following me and liking my blog! I really like your blog page . . . I want to do more things for my blog page to make it more appealing . . . you are my inspiration to do so . . . thanks and have a great day!

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  6. It’s interesting how people around the world view crying so differently. My mom is a very strong woman and the only time I’ve seen her cry is at a funeral. I’ve seen her tear up, but it’s like her tears go back inside…her famous comment is…”Crying won’t solve your problems.” ahaha No it doesn’t solve my problems, but it sure lets out something I have inside, pain, sadness, hurt, anger….you name it, I have a tear for it.
    I’m a cryer and proud of it 🙂

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