Of Fairies and Godmothers and Princes

Dear Whoever-Is-Reading-This,

There’s a thing about Disney movies. They are real. Fairies, godmothers, princes and mermaids do exist. At the stroke of midnight, somewhere in a forgettable corner of the world, a prince finds a glass slipper. The mermaid finds a man and falls in love. A frozen land is gifted with the magic of sun rays and glistens in gold.

But there’s a thing about us – we are natural pessimists. The dark haunts us instead of the light. Instead of believing that we may fly if we have a million balloons attached to us, we mentally remind ourselves that it is impossible. Who told so? Why do hot air balloons fly then? You’ll say, it’s different. You’ll probably start explaining me Archimedes’ principle.

And this is where we stop believing in miracles and magic. We tell ourselves that real life can never be a Disney movie. So when the prince finds a glass slipper, he starts blinking so hard that he almost loses his vision. When the man sees the mermaid, he suddenly wakes up. And when summer comes, we talk about science.

But what if, what if, all this is magic? You and me? What if we hold magical powers but fail to realize that? What if we can fly but we’ve never tried because we are not willing to take the risk? What if all we see is not real, but all that we dream is? What if the lives we live in the day are a dream, and the ones we spend sleeping is actually our life?

Probably, the biggest difference between us and Cinderella and Snowwhite and Elsa and their fairy tales and our un-fairytales is the fact that they believed in miracles and magic, and we don’t.


A Lost Little Girl


4 thoughts on “Of Fairies and Godmothers and Princes”

  1. I’m not sure if this is fitting for your subject, but it reminded me of something I said to a person today. We were talking about literature and I commented that I don’t care for modern books because they create fantasy worlds that are used for escape from reality where, books of the past don’t define our imaginations, they enhanced our imaginations. They don’t offer us escape from our selves and our lives. Instead, they cause us to strive to make our own fantasies become our reality.

    Basically, modern literature is a crutch to deal with the lack of imagination that plagues modern society. Past literature, which doesn’t focus on the details. Instead, they focus on the story, allowing the reader to fill in the spaces with their own imagination. By allowing the reader to use their own imagination they can form their own dreams and fantasies, which are more real than being guided through the imagination of another. Because of this, it is not an escape. It becomes the readers reality, on they they can form into reality, if only they believe.

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