What Is Brewing?

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

― Henry David Thoreau.

I remember starting this blog on a winter night. After an hour-long discussion with a friend of mine for coming up with a title (which you can already guess, is not so great), I sat down to open the blog and post my first article.

To be honest, two months back, if you’d have told me I’d gain around 500 amazing supporters and more than 3K hits in such a short span, I’d have secretly booked you a session with a psychiatrist. But here we are! Two months old and I find myself cry in gratitude as I realize how far the blog has come.

When I started blogging first, I didn’t have a concrete theme. To this day, I don’t have one. But perhaps, that is the very beauty of writing. You can write just anything and weave magic!

I have some very big dreams. And I believe that one’s dreams aren’t big enough if they don’t scare the person. Matter of fact, we must all have our eyes set on our dreams. We get one life and we must make the most out of it.

If you are interested in taking a journey through the vault of crude realities of life and the people in forgettable corners of our land, let’s walk the distance together.

This July, we have an amazing new writer for A Caffeinated Blog. We hope the blog packs an even better experience for you.

10 thoughts on “What Is Brewing?”

  1. I smelled the coffee all the way over from my blog! LOL I am a coffee lover and completely agree, your dreams should scare you! Congrats on the recognition! 🙂 As soon as I saw the coffee beans and mug I had to click follow! 🙂

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  2. A lady after my own heart. My dreams are huge! I don’t know how I’ll get there yet but I am determined to find a way. Congratulations on your blog success so far. I hope it gets bigger and better for you for sure.

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  3. This Thoreau quote and ideas like it prevented me from taking myself seriously as a writer for more than 3 decades. So proud of you for knowing that we stand up to our lives at every age and have meaningful stories to share even in our youth. Bless you!

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  4. Your blog is beautiful. You followed mine and i just gave yours a quick check. I have a lot more exploring to do but I’m already in love with your blog and your writing. I’m seriously looking forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for the follow!

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  5. Thank you for the follow! I am loving your blog. And exactly as you, after having a long conversation with a friend, I also decided to make a blog. It’s nothing much. Compared to yours, I put no effort in mine. But it’s a space for me and my whimsical thoughts. I love seeing other’s unabashed passion! Keep it up!

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