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Of Living Tomorrows Instead Of Todays

It surprises me of how people spend their entire lives saving grains for tomorrow; collecting pennies for tomorrow; planning for tomorrow; worrying for tomorrow. In fact, we do so many things for tomorrow, that it makes me wonder what we do for today?

That is probably the biggest problem. We always want to be a step ahead in everything. We are always… prepared. And this way, we leave no room for miracles and surprises.

We fail to realize that we can never stop what is about to happen. The future is always changing and life is uncertain, yet we want to be geared up for everything. It’s like wearing a harness for your entire life if someone has predicted you’d die of a great fall!

No one can predict the future fully. The future is dark and deep and scary. Nor can we be prepared to face future. It will always manage to shock us.

Of Finding The Best

When we are small, we have pre-defined notions in our mind – that, we will grow up to be the best, that we will look beautiful, that we will have the best of best friends and marry the best person in the world.

It’s not wrong to have such desires. It’s not wrong to have expectations. You know, where the real problem lies?

That each one of us wants the best for themselves.

I want someone, because I think he/she is the best for me. Then again, you may want somebody else because you feel he/she is the best for you. Perhaps that is why they call desires of the heart to be dangerous and that they wreck a person. Because, the best for us doesn’t consider us as the best for them.

Of Breaking Chains

All our lives we’ve been asked to be careful. Do this and that, but not that. Our wings have been cut off from a very early age, yet we are asked to find the first worm! We are asked to tread carefully on every path so that we never make mistakes.

But all this, is it worth?

I believe that we have to make mistakes. We can never learn from others’ mistakes; we have to make our own. Sometimes, we need to forget every warning signal that has been issued to us and take a leap. Into the unknown. Into the uncertainty. Because, there is a world out there. And it is different from our world.

Of Crying That Makes Us Strong

I have never seen a person cry. For most of my life, the people around me have always been happy. When the day of tears arrived, they left.

I know people cry when they are in pain. They cry when every breath is laboured and things do not seem to be making sense. People cry when they are weak. And some cry, even when they are strong. People like you.

Mom used to say that it is okay to cry. For one day, every tear will dry up and you can stand up again. She often used to joke around and say that crying helps clear the vision. She had a weird sense of humour, I agree. Though her words never made sense back then, I think they do, now.

Every time a person falls; every time a person is in pain; every time a person cries, it helps them get a newer perspective. For we take off our rose-tinted glasses and retrospect. And by the time we are done crying, we know already that we’ll never be crying again for the same reason.

In some wickedly strange way, crying makes us strong.

Of Fairies and Godmothers and Princes

Dear Whoever-Is-Reading-This,

There’s a thing about Disney movies. They are real. Fairies, godmothers, princes and mermaids do exist. At the stroke of midnight, somewhere in a forgettable corner of the world, a prince finds a glass slipper. The mermaid finds a man and falls in love. A frozen land is gifted with the magic of sun rays and glistens in gold.

But there’s a thing about us – we are natural pessimists. The dark haunts us instead of the light. Instead of believing that we may fly if we have a million balloons attached to us, we mentally remind ourselves that it is impossible. Who told so? Why do hot air balloons fly then? You’ll say, it’s different. You’ll probably start explaining me Archimedes’ principle.

And this is where we stop believing in miracles and magic. We tell ourselves that real life can never be a Disney movie. So when the prince finds a glass slipper, he starts blinking so hard that he almost loses his vision. When the man sees the mermaid, he suddenly wakes up. And when summer comes, we talk about science.

But what if, what if, all this is magic? You and me? What if we hold magical powers but fail to realize that? What if we can fly but we’ve never tried because we are not willing to take the risk? What if all we see is not real, but all that we dream is? What if the lives we live in the day are a dream, and the ones we spend sleeping is actually our life?

Probably, the biggest difference between us and Cinderella and Snowwhite and Elsa and their fairy tales and our un-fairytales is the fact that they believed in miracles and magic, and we don’t.


A Lost Little Girl

The Dreams We See

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” – Lanton Hughes, American poet.

All my life, I’ve grown up reading stories. So have you, probably, and many other people.

I accept I was a nerd back in high school, though not your typical nerd from out of a teenage novel! I missed my P.E. classes to read books in the library. Though it was clearly against the rules, the grey-haired librarian didn’t seem to mind. Nor did she ever complain to anyone that I spent a half of the school hours hiding in there.

When she didn’t have a class, she’d choose books and give them to me. She even let me borrow two books when we were allowed to take only one!

On a fine autumn day, she asked me if I write stories.

Being only in sixth grade, her question took me by surprise.

“No,” I replied. “I only read.”

“You should try to write a story someday,” she told me.

“But no one will read it,” I stated.

“I will,” she promised.

I never got a chance to give her my story to read. I left school the same year and I didn’t really have a chance to contact her.

How or when I began writing is a memory that has already left my mind. All that I remember is that I used to write secretly. I was afraid of how my piece of writing would be received by an audience. In between classes, in the lunch breaks, I would sit in a lone corner and scribble a poem or two in the last pages of some copy. I knew no teacher bothered to look at the last pages and so, my little secret was safe.

Until one day. My English teacher interrupted a class and asked me to meet her in the staff room during the lunch break.

When I visited her, I found her reading something intently. As I walked closer, I realized that she was going through the little poems I had written.

“You write so beautifully!” she exclaimed.

I really didn’t know how to react. Was I supposed to be scared because she had found out? Or was I supposed to be happy because she felt it was good?

“Don’t ever give up,” she continued. “You have an extraordinary talent. Keep this dream alive and someday you’ll reach there.

She reminded me of my old librarian.

I found a confidence after hearing her. And since then, I’ve always shared my work with people.

People often ask me if I have ever dreamt of becoming a writer. That very question never fails to take me by surprise.

“Yes,” I tell them. “It is my dream to become a writer.”

It is a dream that has been with me for as long as I can remember. While some dreams come and go, this stays with me.

Someday, I’m going to write something for the old librarian to read. I remember her promise.

Someday, I’m going to thank her for igniting my dream.

Someday, I’m going to wake up and live my only dream.

I still remember a couple of lines from the same poem which i had scribbled at the back of my English copy. it reads like this-

“They told you, dreams are important,

That dreams are hidden somewhere in the sky, beneath the golden hue;

They told you to hold on to your dreams,

For sometimes, they find you.

The BEST Things About Wattpad – #5 – The People Out There (Fifth Edition)

I’ve always been a person who believes a lot in numbers and things associated with it. Until, @SamMaze told me that it’s an over glorified number! I think I’ll stick with that explanation, for now!

Excerpts from the interview –

akan_great16.128.33180What had you been doing?


Where I am currently: At the kitchen table, pondering my next plotline.


Tell us a few interesting things about yourself.

SamMaze.128.461825I am a young aspiring author that has been writing since elementary school. In a few years I plan to attend college to major in English. I have a wide variety of pets, from beta fish to rabbits. Quick fun fact: Rabbits are not as sweet and cuddly as they appear in Target Easter commercials. Depending on the breed (and personality), they can be as vicious as a rabid wolf or as shy as a fawn. Do your research before buying or adopting one!

akan_great16.128.33180 Was coming across Wattpad out of pure luck or someone happened to tell you about the same?

SamMaze.128.461825My friend actually told me about Wattpad, and it gave me a perfect outlet to share my tales with the world. Before this site my stories merely sat in a drawer after completion, but now they are actively gaining reads by the day! It’s quite fun to observe.

akan_great16.128.33180What is the one thing people will always find you doing?

SamMaze.128.461825People often find me teaching my rabbits a new trick, hanging out at Starbucks (Peppermint mochas are the best), or reading. I’m a rather simple person, and that is probably why my characters are so complex… because they fulfill my dreams of what I want to do in life.

akan_great16.128.33180What is the craziest theory you ever had in your mind?

SamMaze.128.461825The craziest thing that has ever crossed my mind would be when I once debated with a friend why a life-size bird house would be beneficial to humanity.

akan_great16.128.33180 A book where you wished you were one of the characters?

SamMaze.128.461825Yes! I remember reading the Chronicles of Narnia and wishing with all my might to be able to ride on a lion into a fantastic battle against evil.

akan_great16.128.33180 What are your sources of inspiration? (I totally make it sound like a Science class, I know)

SamMaze.128.461825Nature, and God, inspires my tales. From the wingtip of a butterfly to the crash of a wave, each detail of the wilderness brings joy to me and, in turn, brings my stories to life.

akan_great16.128.33180Ten to fifteen years from now, how and where do you see yourself?

SamMaze.128.461825I see myself as a published writer, probably married, and still goofing off with friends.

akan_great16.128.33180 Craziest wish?

SamMaze.128.461825My craziest wish is to become a New York Time’s bestseller haha. I pray that one day it will become a reality.

akan_great16.128.33180We pray for that too! Share with us some of the weirdest and best dishes you’ve tried.

SamMaze.128.461825I have tried raw salmon, buffalo burgers, and (unintentionally) spoiled peanut butter. The buffalo burgers were probably the best, because they tasted like normal burgers, but with more flavor.

akan_great16.128.33180 Can we expect an autobiography from you?

SamMaze.128.461825Yup! Well… actually I plan to write one once I do more with my life. More adventures must be made!

akan_great16.128.33180How would you describe your everyday life? Boring? Cliche? Average?

SamMaze.128.461825My life is pretty normal I suppose. School and hobbies take up my days from dawn to dusk. The typical life of an average character in a story is different depending on the book, but my general conclusion is that they usually go through a life changing experience that teaches the reader a life lesson of some sort. I’m not even going to go into details about the ultra-cliché character’s life… because most people are aware that everything must go their way, they get the girl/guy, and it ends in ‘happily ever after.’

akan_great16.128.33180The most overused plot award on Wattpad should go to?

SamMaze.128.461825 The most overused plot on Wattpad is the-nerdy-girl-gets-the-bad-boy-who-lives-next-door haha. I think it is very cliché. Maybe at first it was a hit, but now it has been watered down into the energy drink that powers first-time stories. Yes, I think too often writers these days look to the market to see what is selling before they start their book. I heavily disagree with this method. Write what you want to write, not what others want.

akan_great16.128.33180 Do you believe in any superstitions revolving around the number thirteen?

SamMaze.128.461825Nope, it’s just an over glorified number. 😉 It is bad luck for those who believe in superstitions.

@SamMaze ‘s book can be read by clicking on the cover.


Stay tuned for more!

The BEST Things About Wattpad – #4 – The People Out There (Fourth Edition)

So, I’m back with a conversation from another up and coming writer from the Wattpad community!

When I visited her profile in the morning to copy her username, I found out that her book Growing was at #11 in Spiritual! We congratulate you on reaching such a high rank!

Here are excerpts from the interview

akan_great16.128.33180Me – Hello there! In fact, good morning! Share with us a few words about yourself. How would you describe yourself?


She – Umm well My name is Nafla. My hair color is brownish black. I’m Asian but not with the Chinese Eyes; I’m more of an Indian Asian (I am not from India). And ummm I like cheese… I think?


 How did you stumble across Wattpad in the first place? Were you excited with the idea of free books or it was something else?


 My sister recommended it to read some books and reading became writing and writing became obsession.


 What is the one thing that you’re always doing?


 Eating. And when I’m not doing that- I am baking. I love food. I am the biggest foodie there is. And I am luckily not obese.


 Twelve years from now, where do you see yourself?


  With kids, living the perfect life of a housewife.


 *Wondering if I’ve ever heard an answer as sincere at that* Considering you are a big foodie, share with us some of the best dishes you’ve tried.


 Well I eat Indian everyday; I’ve tried English, British, Mexican, Chinese, and Italian. My favourite out of all would be Hot Tandoori Chicken topping on a Cheesy Cheesy Pizza, Nachos in the side, Sweet Corn Chicken Soup for Starters, Hot n Spicy Wings and French Fries. Lol Don’t ask me about food; the list never stops. I think this was the longest paragraph of all the questions. Haha.


 I bet we all talk a lot about food. Describe your everyday life. Is it something from out of a story book?


 My life is pretty much the same as it has always been. Loving parents, busy family, loving husband, and grateful for each moment.  My characters however focus on the tragedies and the downside of life. My thoughts and emotions that I am unable to say out loud comes down in words from my character’s POVs.  The ultra cliché life would be wake up, go to school and there’s a new boy. All girls like him but he only likes you because out of everyone in the school, only you are real and only you can see his rude behaviours. Others are all swoon over him.


Which plot do you believe is slowly losing its originality?


 Bad boys definitely. And what irritates me the most is how they underestimate the meaning of a bad boy. Dating all the girls and saying rude things doesn’t make you a bad boy. It makes you human. An original bad boy- one who does drugs, goes to jail, gets expelled, fights in clubs and rolls in blood bath. This is the meaning of bad- not dating and dropping a few girls.  And yes I do think that. Writing should be about expressing your feelings and imaginations. But now it’s about what others would like to read. What ever happened to originality?


Do you believe in superstitions? Do you feel that thirteen is an unlucky number?


 Lol no not really. In my country however, the airport had Gate no. 13 and the President thought it was unlucky and now there is Gate 1-12 and 14-17. It’s just a number. I don’t believe in numerology; only God can decide how your life is supposed to be- not some people on the other side of the table with the same taro cards which they read to everyone.

Her book Growing and Pain can be read by clicking on the covers below. We wish her even greater success.

GrowingPainStay tuned for more interviews and book reviews!

The BEST Things About Wattpad – #3 – The People Out There (Third Edition)

So, here I am back with an excerpt from an exciting interview with Wattpad author @DarkEmeraldGem.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to have a talk with this very talented author who has been on Wattpad for almost two years now. So, if you need any sort of advice about Wattpad, you know who to look out for.

When I contacted her first for the interview, she had been listening “Perfect” by Hedley and trying to “conquer a deadly disease called writer’s block.”

Excerpts from the interview-


Me – Tell us a few things about yourself? You can also tell us about your hair colour, if you really want to!


She – My name is Nikki. I’m 21 years old, and live in Ireland. I’m about 90% Irish and 10% Italian – my great-grandfather came from an Italian family. There’s a possibility I might even have some Scottish ancestry, I’m not too sure. I have dyed brown hair and blue eyes, and I have glasses.


Why did you join Wattpad? Had you always been looking for a site to share your work with a wider audience or you stumbled upon this site for reading free books?


I joined Wattpad about two years ago when I was getting a bit tired of fanfiction.net. I needed an outlet to share my writing with, and a simple google search led me here. It was the most interesting out of all the writing websites I’d looked at before then, and I loved the community aspect of it.


What is your favourite pastime? Let’s put it this way, what is one thing that people will always find you doing, when you’re free?


This is probably going to sound like a cliché answer, but I’ll say it anyway. I love to write. It is my entire life. I can always be found either typing on the computer or my phone, and when I’m not writing, I’m planning future chapters. I also really love to make videos and trailers on my youtube account.


What is the craziest thought that has ever crossed your mind? (Maybe the craziest explanation to some Science phenomenon?)


If I told you, I’d have to kill you. No, but seriously, I have a lot of crazy thoughts. A lot. And that’s all you’re going to get. I’m a mystery, but then again, aren’t we all?


Ever read a scene from a story book and wished you were in the same setting? If yes, kindly share with us what that scene was and from which book?


Honestly? No. I don’t really find myself wishing I could be a part of any book. That’s probably because the books I tend to read are all thrillers and murder mysteries – not the kind of settings I’d like to find myself in.


From where do you get your inspiration from writing your stories?


I take inspiration from a lot of things. My current story is a fan fiction based on Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner. It centres on my Original Character, Saria, who is the younger sister of the novel’s antagonist. With this story, I aim to change the perspective of people regarding mental disorders such as psychopathy. My main character is a mentally unstable young girl who has psychopathic tendencies and lacks remorse for her actions. But at the same time, she’s not a monster. She is able to feel compassion for both her brother and a select few people. Her ultimate goal is to create the perfect life and perfect world for her loved ones. I got inspiration for this story because I think a lot of people need to stop viewing the world in black and white. A lot of the time, we judge psychopaths as being simply evil monsters. However, this is not the case and we need to look at it from the other perspective. My story challenges people to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and to try to understand why they are this way.


Twelve years from now, where do you see yourself?


 I hope to be a book editor. I really want to help other writers to improve their work and work with them to create something great.


What’s your craziest wish?(Becoming NY’s best seller? Flying?)


I want to travel around the US and Australia. I have never been to either of these places but I really hope I can see them at least once. I want to go to Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.


Tell us a bit about how your life is? The typical life of an average character in a story? The ultra cliché character’s life?


 My life is, for the most part, average. I’m currently on a year-long hiatus from college, so I have a lot of free time on my hands that I usually spend either on Wattpad or browsing the internet. I also spend a lot of time reading, and love to sit down with a good book, whether online or in paper.


What, according to you, is the most overused plot on Wattpad? The-bad-boy-likes-me or I-live-with-fifty-handsome-boys or I-love-my-brother’s-best-friend? Do you think that writers these days are heavily looking at the market status before coming up with a story?


 I think One Direction fan fiction are the most common type of story found here. I spend a lot of time on the fan fiction club and there seems to be a new thread regarding One Direction stories popping up every day. A lot of stories seem to be a bit cliché and poorly written. It can be a bit frustrating for those of us who genuinely care about what we write and try to make it better. Now, I don’t mean to say that cliché plots are a bad thing. I think people should write whatever they feel comfortable with. If someone likes writing a bad boy story, that’s fine. I just want to see effort put into it.


Do you believe that thirteen is an unlucky number?


No. I make my own luck.

Her novel Tainted Perfection can be found by clicking on the cover.

taintedStay tuned for more interviews and book reviews!

The BEST Things About Wattpad – #3 – The People Out There (Second Edition)

You know you are going to love a person who mistakes “pastime” for “pasta”! And that is exactly the type of conversation I had with a very talented Wattpad author – @fecundity.

In a candid conversation with the author, I learned about her interests and her take on the cliche stories that dominate Wattpad. She was generous enough to not listen to the constant complaints of her stomach and answer my questions. Of course, I felt guilty after that!

Here are the excerpts from the interview-


Me – Tell us something about yourself?


She – Me. Well, I’m 24, brunette, and of the female gender. I have ten fingers and ten toes. I spend my days converting oxygen into carbon dioxide while my fingers fly over the keyboard. 🙂


Me – How did you discover Wattpad?


She – My memory is foggy as to how I learned about Wattpad. However, I do remember being amazed by the concept of free books! I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered it. I was a silent reader for a while and then quickly became more active to fuel my addiction. I do wish I had become acquainted earlier but hey, I’m making up for lost time now!


Me – What is your favourite pastime?


She – Favourite pasta? Oh, sorry, past time. Eating pasta. No seriously, making food and eating it is a pretty serious hobby. My Pinterest board is filled with ambitious recipes. I’m also attempting to teach myself to play bass guitar and I’m have several obsessions including, but not limited to, Clash of Clans, hockey, and reading.


Me – What is the craziest dream you ever had?


She – One time I had a dream that I was being chased by the mob and Batman was helping me escape. He took me the top floor of a skyscraper and bypassed the security code to enter this private room that begged for a clandestine meeting. Batman explodes one of the window panes and the wind howls in. My hair is blowing wildly around my face as Batman hands me a parachute and tells me to jump. My heart skips several beats in response to the sound of machine guns outside of the room and, strapping the parachute on, I ask “Only one? What are you going to do?” He says, “Don’t worry about me” and pushes me off the building.


Me (laughs out loud) – Did you ever wish you were a part of some book?


She – Wishing I was in a book happens more often than I can remember. I often pretend, and fail miserably, at being like a certain character. Usually Sherlock. No joke, I tried to create my own mind map. It lasted about an hour.


Me – Where do you get inspiration for writing your stories?


She – Dreams and daydreams, usually. I have a lot of wild dreams and I will wake up thinking “That would make a great story!”


Me – Twelve years from now, where do you see yourself?


She – In 12 years, I will be nearly 40. Do not mention or talk about such obscenities. [shudders]


Me – What is your craziest wish?


She – At the risk of sounding presumptuous and philosophical, I don’t believe in wishes. Wishes aren’t proactive. When you wish for something, it’s as if you’re waiting for it to happen to you. Rarely does that happen. Wishes need to be replaced by goals. I have a plethora of goals that I’m working towards. Right now, I’d like to finish my novel, Sweet As. Then I’ll work towards getting it published. I’m also working to starting my own business. Short-term goals lead to long-term goals lead to fulfilled dreams.


Me – Share with us some of the best cuisines you’ve tried.


She – The best meal I’ve ever had was when I went to Dubai. It was breakfast (my favourite meal of the day) and honestly, I didn’t know food could ignite so many emotions or be so memorable. Since it was buffet-style, I had a variety of food and everything was mouth-watering. Something new that I tried that day was veal bacon since pork isn’t part of Muslim cuisine. While I do prefer regular bacon, veal bacon is more piquant. Also, croissants in France are to die for. Honestly, traveling is the best way to experience food and food is the best part of life! xD


Me – Do you think you’ll ever write an autobiography?


She – Nah. I’m not very good at talking about myself.


Me – Describe your everyday life? Is it something from out of a story book?


She – Day in the life of me? It probably looks a lot like yours. 😉 The only difference is that I’m married so my day often revolves around my hubby, which is good – it means lots of date nights! On the downside, I also get tickled. A lot. Like, every day, mercilessly.


Me – What do you think is the most overused plot on Wattpad? Do you believe that writers these days are looking at the market status before starting a story?


She – There is nothing new under the sun. Shakespeare said that way back when, so it’s even truer now. I believe any ‘cliché’ plot can be brought to life with strong, vivid characters. We relate to characters more so than plots anyway. Even published authors are influenced by trends. Think of how many dystopian or supernatural (e.g. wizards, vampires) stories have been popular recently. This isn’t necessarily a negative but again, the characters must be original, especially if the plot isn’t. Jumping on a bandwagon can guarantee you an audience so that’s a plus as well. That being said, it’s hard to make the good-girl meets bad-boy story original. I think The Quirky Tale of April Hale does it the best. It’s my favourite book on Wattpad.


Me – So, the thirteenth question! Do you believe that thirteen is an unlucky number?


She – Nah. I don’t believe in luck or superstitions either. We are in charge of our own lives. There isn’t an outside energy that’s pulling strings to give us ‘bad luck’. It’s a nice thought, though, to be able to blame an ominous, inconceivable force. ;)Also, my laziness has won out. I still haven’t moved. Haha!

Her book Sweet As is available on Wattpad. Click on the cover to get to the story page!

Sweet AsStay tuned for more interviews and book reviews!