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Of Nightmares

‚ÄčAnd where was all the love when you turned your back on me and silently walked through the door I opened just for you? Did you realise that had you turned your head for once, the one thing that was about to get shattered in me would have found its way back? No, you didn’t. I clearly got my answer when my knees hit the floor, just like yours did, when you had proposed to me. But, this time around it was different. When mine touched the mosaic floor, the bits and pieces broke down so well inside me that I can hardly recollect whether it was my heart breaking or my knees making the sound. 

Did your tongue not burn a little when you said I was being too much? When I lay there, you on top of me, letting you feed on my body, bit by bit, dodging away the uncanny feeling trading inside me from you, that wasn’t too much for you though. 

Did your eyes not hurt a little when you watched me shed tears from pleading eyes that were too gentle to look into the steamy glance that your face threw? When I dressed up the way you liked, all covered up, my skin caged like a prisoner, that was a treat to your eyes though. 
And just like that, you had emptied me. From the faith that drove my instincts and hope. From the love that enclosed my heart to keep it safe. From the fear to let go of something that I loved so dearly. From the stars I had treasured from the night sky. From the sun that saved me from the nightmares. And, just like that, the person I used to call after a nightmare had turned into one. Just like that.