Shooting Stars.

​When I was little, I used to wish on stars that I wanted to become like one of those humans discovering they are bestowed with magical powers and they could change the map if they wanted, like they showed on TV. Or, meet a guardian angel (literally) who’d help me win a competition and write an exam. Wishes then were simple, you see. I spent my whole childhood wishing this. But, time passed, grades declined, talent faded but nothing really happened. It was all a facade of lies and make-belief stories. It was life-shattering to me. And, then, life happened. How sad! 

Break-ups, family problems, career indecisions and whatnot. There was no angel to help me live through each day. I struggled to get up on my feet and hold my tears back. Why? Because, you don’t want anyone to know how excruciatingly it is hurting. You know they’ll strike more on it. In it. Become the pain, who knows! 

How often have you clutched your bedsheet and put your hands on the mouth for silencing your noise of misery? How often have you sat dumb-founded on your bed and thought of nothing but that one thing someone said? How often has the rain spoken to you more profoundly than any other verbose human being? 

But, you know what keeps us going? The fact that we had survived yesterday without fail. We are past the time when eating the pill seemed easier than carrying the burden throughout the night. We have overcome what should have been and accepted what is. We are what we are today and what we were yesterday was just another person trying to hold us down. We demanded a trial by combat with it and after all, won!