Of Unexpected Tales

A friend request seemed fascinating that day. She couldn’t recognise the person in the display picture but her pupils dilated at the very sight of the cover photo. She kept staring at it, trying to unriddle what it meant. She couldn’t. She couldn’t also resist the urge to accept the request. May be only he knows the answer to it! So, there it was. Another person added to that long list of other people. Who knew he was not just someone. Something magical was about to happen in a very short span of time.

Their conversation wasn’t just like any other. It began with solving the cover photo and slowly proceeded to likes and dislikes then it unravelled the secrets of the winter mornings and how they loved watching the sun turning crimson red. They weren’t all the same, true. She liked sunrises and his heart skipped a beat at the sight of those beautiful sunsets. She liked those chips packets full of calories and he didn’t. He was a foodie and she was just a human being living on food. He was a patient listener and she could go chatty for the whole day (just infront of him). There were differences, for sure. But what made them get along so well was, their thoughts were parallel, not intersecting or colliding with each other but just going their own ways in the same direction.

Weeks passed, and she knew if she continued talking, she would never be able to return. This was scary for her. She had never felt this way for anyone.
What mattered was she was happy and she wouldn’t mind risking it. Her guts were positive. He had his share of past, though. But, with this girl, he particularly had something. Something that no words could fathom. He made her feel so comfortable around him, like the beach wouldn’t mind the breeze, the sun wouldn’t mind the rain, the flowers wouldn’t mind the bee. She knew this was something. That, she wasn’t supposed to be afraid anymore because that someone she spent the twenty years of her life waiting for to come around, was right infront of her.

She liked impromptu. She plans, she visualises but she knew deep in her heart that the best thing that could happen to anybody was when you do something out of sudden urges. She texted him, “I love you” one day. Then and there, both of them closed their eyes and blushed. He knew he had to hold on to her and she knew she couldn’t let go of him. Her first confession it was, after all! He couldn’t wait but get her a rose. “Those little things he does!”, she thought. Well, the little things weren’t little anymore. Destiny sure had some plans. He had had two relationships before but it was his first rose that he gave a girl. That cannot be just some coincidence, right?

Both of them were falling. The gravity was slowly pulling the two of them closer, not towards itself but towards each other. The sunrises and the sunsets were meant to meet each other, as if. The breeze and the sand were meant to form small droplets of water, as if. After all, the most beautiful stories are created when you least expect them to.


2 thoughts on “Of Unexpected Tales”

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