Of Never.

She switched on the coffee maker and fancied how many of those people out there would have a gas stove, let alone a coffee maker. She made the coffee and poured it in a big mug and sat in her plushy couch. She was a well-educated woman with an identity of her own. She was strong, decisive and resolved. But, somewhere she lacked. What was it?

She gazed at the watch and calculated the time left for her husband to return. The more she heard the clock ticking, the faster her heart beat. She was scared to go to those rooms with white walls and white bedsheets and have the doctors decide the fate of the little one growing inside of her. And, she knew her baby was, too.

The door knocked. She could feel her heart thumping. She wanted to hold those little fingers of her baby and tell her that everything is gonna be okay. She wanted to pat her baby on the head and tell that she’s gonna have to stop being afraid. And, there, inside the little one was beginning to get scared, couldn’t know where that weird sound came from. Was the mother in danger? Was my mother scared? 

The door opened and a postman paid a visit. She was relieved that it was not her husband. She kept the envelope and closed the door. It was from a company. Her appointment letter. And all of a sudden, it was time for her to let the baby feel safe. That she would do anything for her baby to keep her alive and not let some reports decide if the baby should live. She went upstairs, packed the immediate stuffs she could fetch. And spoke to her baby for the one last time before making that elope. “You don’t have to get scared. I’m your mother and never am I going to let anything happen to you. I’ll make sure you are safe with me or without me. I am not going to let a few people’s impaired judgements decide if you were to live. I’ll take care of you even though I have to do it alone. Nobody’s ever going to harm you, my little one. Never”.


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