Of hers.

It was raining cats and dogs that day. She had finally been able to wake up from the bed after two days of very high fever. Had it not been for her lover, she might not have been able to put feet on the ground this sooner. But, her lover couldn’t miss work either. She had to run the office all alone.

Susan put on the coffee maker and decided on what to eat. She made up her mind for eggs. Omelette was her favourite, after all. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind. She wanted to do something sweet for Clara to surprise her. Clara loved surprises. But, Susan was just an amateur. She drank the coffee and ate the egg and kept herself engrossed in thoughts of various kinds of surprises.

It was time for Clara to return home. Susan hadn’t thought much about it. She was still processing every other way to make it a good surprise. She thought about chocolates, lunch, cakes but everything had been done more than once. She sat in their bed. And, was feeling helpless. She started feeling sick from the stomach. “Yeah, I was waiting for you Mr. Vomit”, she thought with disgust. She ran to the bathroom and returned almost exhausted. She sat for a while, drank water and ran again. This time, even more exhausted. She was looking all messed up and dirty. This was the last thing she wanted. “The egg was a bad idea”, she thought. She ran again. This time she had no energy left to even stand up. When she returned, she saw Clara sitting on the bed and waiting for her, all worried.

“I puked. Thrice. The egg was a bad idea. I am sorry I’m such a mess”.

Clara looked at her with glowing eyes. Like, she had never seen anything more beautiful than what she looked right then. Susan’s words vanished into thin air and almost instantly Clara’s lips uttered these. “Marry me, Susan”.


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