Of Conversations With A Stranger (3)

“I am in love”, she said proudly.

“What?! Seriously? Who?”, her friend was curious.

“Somebody. The perfect blende of a guy a girl would desire.”

“Well, him? I thought you guys were friends.”

“Were? We still are. That’s the most important thing, don’t you think for any relationship? Friendship comes first for us. Love. It is secondary. I’m glad he’s my friend first.”

“Anything special with him?”

“Everything, infact. He would do sweet, little things for you and you would just sit back and replay them for days. He would remember everything you ever told him about. He would know you better than you know yourself. He is someone who would do anything for you before you even ask him to, just like you would want it. Someone who just wants to see you not get hurt. Somebody, for whom your comfort comes first. Do all these things, and yet not make it seem creepy. Not words. Reality. It seems like I’m talking a novel or a movie but it’s real. Even I took half a decade to believe it was actually happening. He, was actually happening to me”, she seemed lost in her own world while talking about him where she could tableau only both of them making merry.

“Woah! That’s a lot of things. So, you have finally found him? Good.”

“Nay. We have found each other”, she spoke like a poetess.


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