Of Conversations With A Stranger (2)

“Why are you here all alone? Got no friends or acquaintances?”, an elderly gentleman joined her as she sat gazing at the sky with earphones stuck in her ears.

“Me? I am a loner. Infact, I like it this way. This is a peaceful place and I don’t like chaos to intervene.”

“And you think people are intruders?”

“Ofcourse not. I mean, yes. But not everyone”


“I haven’t just met that person yet.”

“Met who?”, the man seemed curious.

“The one who will rather act as a conversationalist like me.”

“Haha. You mean your soulmate?”

“Ah. Nah. That’s too mainstream, don’t you think?”

“Mainstream? Why? What would you refer that person as then?”

“My peace-mate, most probably?”, she blushed.

The man gave an experienced grin. Like, he had known the answers to all her queries since ages.

“There’s peace only where you want it to be. Peace lies within you.”

“Oh, I see”, she seemed to have been mesmerized by his speculative thought.
“I would actually wish for one thing then”.


“Somebody I can be myself with.”

“That’s exactly who we call soulmate, my dear”, he patted her head and walked away briskly. 


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