Of Time And Togetherness

She stood there, leaning against the balcony wondering what went wrong. How did she end up like that? How did she end up fearing commitment? So afraid that she preferred pushing people away. Umm. Why? The flickering of the street lights and the barking of the dogs seemed disturbing though. She stared down at the lonely Road. She could feel connection. She had been given and denied trust so many times, so many times had she been misunderstood and made fun of that she was in a dilemma. Sarcasm or truth? Well, isn’t sarcasm a little bit of truth put in a funny way? How was she supposed to understand the complexity of human mind? Especially, of those who she considered so dear.

But was she supposed to let her past experiences compel her not to trust? True, she has seen things, felt them and even carries bitter memories that makes her smile hopelessly when she narrates them. “How can she smile like that ?”, he often wonders. Equally broken, this guy feels a connection too. For a change, it’s like he finally found monogamy, his anchor. “No more, she’s had enough”, tells this to himself every night before going to sleep after she does. As if someone up there was waiting for them since ages to awkwardly tumble onto each other. Both discover each other’s fear every other day, they fight, they laugh, even cry. Together. Strong word. People envy them. “Won’t last”, they say.  Living life without each other so far, when they finally found each other? They decided not to live their life for people. “For us”, they smile. She fears commitment given that she has been in and out of a rollercoaster commitment ride, he on the other hand had only watched people puke and fall off the roller-coaster ride. Both have had lost faith in the idea. But what they have is something too deep to be assigned a term. People talk, people try, they even obsess themselves with her. “I think they should know  you’re not available”. Hearing just this her fears start surfacing, so does his.

Would this lead to another indefinite round of shrewd instances? Would they spend the night digging up old memories? The important question was always, would it change things? Surprisingly. It always did, changes things for better, strengthens the bond as if they are slowly becoming inseparable. Completing each other in every aspect they stand by each other when giving up was their Forte. They never knew, until they took the leap of faith. 
Feeling nippy she goes inside, closing the balcony door behind her. Putting his red-black striped hoodie she picks up her phone, types something while smiling and hits send.
“Hey”. He smiled glancing at his phone when it buzzed.


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