Of Moving On

Do you ever think about moving on? What does it mean? How can someone possibly trust another person after one’s trust is broken? How can they share the same secrets with someone after it has been revealed by the one person they blindly trusted? Isn’t it hard? Yet, that’s what we do. We mourn for sometime, explain ourselves and reason everything out and create trust. Create, yes. Why? How? Because we keep looking. We don’t want to lose hope. Because we believe that there is someone actually better than ourselves. Someone who will keep our trust safe, secure our secrets and understand our fears. I tell you it’s not an easy task. It needs you to muster all your strength and sanity. It requires a lion’s heart. It does. But, it’s not something one should be afraid of. Because, letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you know what you decide, how you choose to live your life is going to define you and not the person you’re moving from. So, what we do is: We ignore the past, pretending as if it was just a bad dream and we move on.


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