Of Sad Days

I wanted to write something happy today – something about finding rainbows beyond a cloud; about mirthful summers and early springs; about happiness. I wanted to write happy things and be happy.

But there’s a storm raining down upon my heart. Inside, I’m wrecking; breaking into several pieces. But does anybody realize that? No. I hide it all behind a sheer pretence. I laugh. I giggle. I look around at people. When tears prick at my eyes, I blink away. But on particularly lonely moments, when the streetlights no longer shine brightly, I sit down on the pavement and I cry my heart out.

There’s a storm raining down upon my heart. It’s been long since I saw the sunshine last. I’m waiting for the rays to break through the darkness and enter my house. I want to believe that yes, it’ll be there…soon. I want to write happy things until then – about hope. But there’s a storm razing inside me, shattering every hope of mine. So, until the dawn arrives, I sit and write another sad story about a sad day.


13 thoughts on “Of Sad Days”

  1. In the blogging world, it’s sometimes hard to tell when someone is writing about personal experience or simply writing from the perspective of a character they’ve created. So if this is a personal post, I encourage you to wait patiently for the better days that are sure to come. I say this with confidence because you are gifted with your words and expressiveness. There is an honesty in your writing that people can relate to. There is rhythm and soul in your sentences. There is music inside you waiting to be written.

    Take heart. You are unique and your voice is greatly to be treasured.


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      1. And now I thank you for your kind words. Through our posts, we speak to people we will never meet in person, and we hope that our words will have will have a positive effect on someone, but most of the time we never know. It can be disheartening. Thanks for brightening my day with your response. Keep working on your gift. Your words will touch more people than you can possibly know.

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