Of As Time Flies

There will come a time when all the butterflies in your stomach will start needing rest, when you will get bored of the daily phone calls and messages, when you will spend the least time to decide how to look good or maintain a good impression. This saturation point, what is it for? What about the urge to get stars for her if she wanted them? What happened to that beautiful face you , so willingly, showed off to all your friends? What about the long conversations with your best friend telling every little detail of the slightest of sweet things he did for you? What happened to that rush in your veins when you were about to meet? Doesn’t happen anymore? It’s faded, right? The chirpy, little things will start screaming the shit outta you. Ever wondered why? Probably you never fell in love in the first place.

All you ever wanted to do was live all those experiences you heard from all your friends. You wanted to see how it feels when some voice calls you early in the morning just to say Good Morning, I love you! You wanted to see what it feels like to kiss, hug and hold somebody’s hand and walk the park, when someone asks you how your day was. You wanted to know. So, yes, we can put it this way. She or he was just a part of your curiousity. An experiment.
Imagine your partner with a burnt face, a scarred soul, a dark past, an aversion to human touch, and in a place where it’s impossible for you two to talk properly even for five minutes. Imagine all the possible differences between you and your partner. All the possible hurdles that could tear you apart. Would you still give your 100%? Would you still love them? Would you still dream about you two being together, sharing the same bed? Would you..? If yes, I bet your partner is the luckiest person alive!


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