Of Healing

We are growing. Everyday, we are growing. Mentally, emotionally, logically and probably, a little bit physically too. But there’s a continuous growth process going on inside of use every single moment of the day. Imagine yourself two years back. Were you the same person you are today? Would it be possible to make the heart-shattering but right choices you could easily make today, then? Would you make friends with the same people?  Would you talk like you do now? Would you reason like the way you do now? Would you…?

They say time heals everything. Well, probably it does nothing actually. It just broadens your perspective to see things. Gives you a vision at a greater angle. It helps you to understand, accept and forgive. The wounds stay the same. The pains do not heal. The scar remains. Wrong choices or bad decisions. What matters is how you choose to let that in. Do you want to let go? Or hold on? You want to give up or keep going. You want to grow or stop growing altogether?


5 thoughts on “Of Healing”

  1. No more wrong Choices, no more wrong friends, no more of the past. Nothing but the future ahead, great friends, new family, and success in all areas. That’s it. There is no looking or tuning back. Nothing but going forward in the way of the Lord. Great Post, and very easy to answer.

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  2. I totally agree with you on what you said about time – how it doesn’t actually heal everything. I guess it’s easier for people to say that to make others feel better but in reality, it just helps you to deal with it better or worse. Depends on how you want to take it. Whatever it is though, it never heals. The memories and the pain – they never go away. They stay as vivid in your mind as though you are literally reliving that moment every time you think about it.

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