Of Beyond And Further

They say love stories are made in heaven. Their’s seemed quite normal. They somehow managed to make it extraordinary. Who knew they would fall in love at first sight on the first day of internship in the med school? Who knew he would visit her corpse in the same hospital after twenty-four years of acceptance and understanding?

Hidden within the white-washed walls of the hospital were two old people who defied logic and reason in love. She had developed advanced stage Alzheimer’s and he? Nothing at all. He had been granted to stay with her on account of their service to the hospital despite being perfectly healthy. He would read to her everyday and comb her hair for her. He would tell her that he is a hairdresser and that she loved to have a good hairdo. Sometimes, he would cook her, her favourite dishes and call himself a delivery man from the made-up restaurants and tell her that she had been chosen as their lucky customer. He would bring her beautiful orchids and tell her that they were sent by her secret admirer. He would stay by her bedside when she faced trouble sleeping. He would hold her close when she went paranoid. He would sneek in every morning to wake her up with a peck on her forehead, just the way she liked it. And, Good Lord, that was a scene when she noticed him do that! Sometimes, she would burst into tears and he made sure that he was there to wipe them away even though it meant cracking poor, oldage jokes.

Sure, it was a tough time. More to him than to her. But his vows meant more to him than some stupid neurons not working efficiently. Everyday he woke up with so many plans. So many hopes, that she would recognise him. But, unfortunately, he wasn’t that fortunate. But for some reason, there was always a grin on his face when he shut his eyes to sleep. Her idiosyncrasies were all he could see. The way her nose turned red when she laughed, the way she avoided conflict by keeping shut, yet turning pink with anger, the way she sarcastically noted a point, the way she laughed at a compliment, the way her face lit up whenever she saw those orchids. That’s all that mattered to him.

Even after she is no more alive and lost into oblivion, she’ll rise in his heart when the sun does and shine timidly when the stars come up in a lonely night sky.


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