Of People And Love

She had caged herself inside a subtle bubble. She believed in things nobody did. She picturised everybody thought in the same manner just like her. She thought feelings and words were supposed to make sense in a very sane and logical manner. She thought she could seek for the truth and reason everything, every time.

She had imagined love as a very divine feeling. For her, love was supposed to lack conditions, envy, selfishness and tears. Love was not just any feeling to her. It wasn’t supposed to push you away or make you stop believing in good. It wasn’t supposed to make you fall inside a trap. Love, not just the romantic one, was supposed to lift you up and walk you down the chirpy road of unconditional faith. It was meant to drain all your bad blood and make you feel lighthearted. Love was supposed to be devoid of all conditions and boundaries. To her, love was letting go. Letting go of the one you dearly love and watch them fly and soar high. And, when they fall down, be ready to catch them. Trust them enough to let them go and wish they’d come back to you because you know they will never be able to find this love anywhere else.

She had realised she would never be able to find this kind of love anywhere. Because, love of this kind was not humanly possible. Humans are selfish. They would do stuffs to you and brand it as ‘love’. They’ll suffocate the one they love to death just to keep them from harm’s way, which by the way could have taught them to stand up when they  fell hard, and call themselves protective. She will be misunderstood, she knew. She needed to keep low. She isn’t supposed to talk about the kind of love she longed for. She isn’t supposed to be looking for it, as well. Because, the kind of selfless love she desired could only be found in the lands of dreams. In a land where vivid images of nuance imagination existed; and people didn’t.


2 thoughts on “Of People And Love”

  1. I like this post and agree to an extent. I agree because at first, I did not understand the reason people did not love like me. To me just because they did not show it, did not mean they didn’t love. There are lots of people out there that Love, and love deeply. Look at all the people who are married for 50 plus years, heck even 20 years. That is selfless love.

    Now that I know what my future holds I do believe that I will find the love I am looking for. That person is everywhere, and in everyone. It is hard to believe but there is some one out there for everyone. Deep love doesn’t only belong to people it belongs to everything. I do not believe that you can’t find deep Love for everything in a non fictional place. It’s available now to everyone and eventually all everyone will want to do is LOVE big.

    Nice post thank you, Melissa

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    1. I love the way you think 🙂
      You are so optimistic about finding love. And I agree that everyone should. But there are also people who crave love but in vain. Not everyone is lucky, you see. Ofcourse, love is not just associated with people. You can find love anywhere you want to. But the kind of love she desires is different. It’s not the kind of love you find in marital obligations. It’s just the kind of love she dreams of.
      Thank you for your reading,
      Pragati 🙂


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