Of Places Where Hope Lingers

“Are angels real?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because, sometimes when I wish for something my wishes come true. Sometimes, when I am sad and crying, or heartbroken and lost, and there’s even a slightest breach of hope, I like to believe that they do exist. That wishes are granted. I just don’t know who does that. Who makes me feel I’m not alone? Or is it just myself? Some aura?”

“There is one thing you should know. There is nothing in this world that grants your wishes. As they say, this world is not a wish-granting factory. When your wishes are granted, there is something you have to sacrifice as well. They take things in return as well.”

“Maybe. Maybe, they take things in return. Maybe, nobody grants your wishes. Maybe, dreams are exchanged. Maybe, it’s all about priorities. But it just feels good to believe that there is hope out there. That someone cares and looks out for you. That somebody out there visits your little vault of fears, wishes and dreams and picks up the most treasured one and just blows their magic wand over it. It just feels good to believe.”


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