Of Boons And Banes

She sat there in the garden wondering how life would have taken a completely different path if their roads hadn’t crossed. What if he had never known she existed? What if he would have chosen someone else? What if she would have gotten sick and her mom would have asked her to stay at home that day? What if she would never have attended his birthday party? What if he hadn’t visited her place with a bag full of her favourite chocolates? What if she didn’t know about his real intentions? Unfair to her, isn’t it? Ofcourse, it is. But…what if?

If only the questions had answers, she would have taken a step back. She would have never chosen the path she did. She would never have given up. Again, that’s wrong. It’s wrong to not fight for yourself. Well, applauds. She did. And now what? She sits on the cemented bench in the garden and wonders about all the what ifs’. She keeps punishing herself. She keeps reminding herself that because she was such a badass to everyone else, it’s payback time now. She cannot tell about her sorrows and pain because nobody is going to ever get there. Nobody is ever going to know the whole story because before she reaches the end, she’s going to fall apart. Shatter. Real bad. So, she keeps quiet and wonders. That’s all that she does.

Many of us would disagree. But I would reiterate it time and again, as many times you want me to. That, they are not wrong. They are not lying. That,  ignorance is bliss.


3 thoughts on “Of Boons And Banes”

  1. Makes me think of my ex. I fell in love with him and fell hard… And well he didn’t. Small part of me will always love him.. He was my first true love…. But I have someone much better to love and I hope to spend the rest of my life with him

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