Of Love Around the World

Someone once said that it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all..

Glancing back at the moments with you
A veil covers it all
Darkness seeps into my memories
With you did they take a fall.?

Some of them withold their love
Say they are happy enough
I loved you with all my heart
But why our ending was so rough.?

Shattered like a glass it was
Was it a price of some sin we paid.?
Tears fall like a waterfall
Will you come to my memories aid.?

Laughter and joy seems aeons away
Lonliness fills my every part
In another world you rest in peace
In this world you have a place in my heart.

The ones who said they are content without love
Longing fills them just for a touch
As the sadness ebbs away
I come to reckon, I have more than much.

Basking in the glory of our love
The veil lifts and the darkness fades
Light shines and fills my world
It wasn’t in vain, my crusade.

In my heart, you forever lie
No one can ever take your place
You are my love, half my soul
Always remembered in my wake.

Better to love and then lose
Someone said to take that way
Rather than to not love at all
For you will never reach the bay
Always wandering, searching a ray
Better to love and then lose your love
For someone said that’s a better way..


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