Of Silent Words

“I thought we were done. And, then I found your letters. 90 letters. For every single day you have been without me. Why would you wait? Why would you not move on? You are supposed to understand that it makes me feel terribly guilty. We are never going to happen. We are not meant to. Get it?”

She mustered all her hopes back. He was unintentionally trying to kill them. Little did he know that “hope” was the only thing that kept her moving. She recalled every single moment she had treasured for days. She thought about the endless nights when she had to cry herself to sleep. She couldn’t imagine him hanging out with a different girl. His words pricked her. Like, he was letting her know that nothing could be done about her dreams and she was supposed to bury them deep within her. She knew she couldn’t explain how chaotic her soul felt when she had to spend days without him by her side. She didn’t know what was so charming about him. She knew that even if she succeeded to put her pain in words, he would never be able to fathom how their separation affected her. So, she decided to keep mum about it. Then, she politely grinned. “Nevermind”.


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