Of A Letter For My Brother

I’ve been a very bad sister. Remember when I used to steal the pizza rolls off your plate and eat them? Remember when I never saved chocolates for you and ate them alone? Remember the time when I used to hide behind closed doors and scare you? I’ve been a very very bad sister.

Remember the time I decided to go and study in another town, leaving you behind? Remember the hundred thousand fake promises I made, telling you that I’m not going faraway and that I’ll be always near you? The truth is, I’m actually far away from you. Each day, I return from college to an empty dorm room and how I wish you were here to greet me. The distance matters far too much these days. Each night, I go to bed, thinking about you, thinking whether you cry each night too. Each night, I look out from the window at the stars and surprisingly, they seem closer. Each night, I pray a million times to have you around me, to have you close.

I miss you. So much. Only I know the painful way my heart wrenches when I think about you. Only I know how much I’d give up just to be near you again. How I wish you were here, asking me your irritating questions and hugging me on bad days. I can’t wait for college to get over. I can’t wait to cone back to home and hold you close.

My college doesn’t matter now. I’ve realized that each one of us comes to a point in our lives when our family matters to us more than anything. I now realize that I’d give up anything just to be around you again.

For you are everything to me. Everything and more.


8 thoughts on “Of A Letter For My Brother”

  1. I always have the way that you write for it always has something to do with my life. When you speak of empty promises I sense a little hostility which I don’t blame you. I have made empty promises. Not intentionally by any means. Every promise I made was and is still my full intention to still carry them out. Its not all my fault I couldn’t work some of it was gods purpose. Some went to far. With it all being said my faith was being tested. I’m sorry for making empty promises to everyone. Please forgive me. Have a great day today.

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    1. I’ve made promises which I thought I could fulfill, but then time and space are incomprehensible. I somehow feel bad for keeping people in utterly, constant hope, only waiting for a day to see their hopes crushed. That is what pains me.
      Have a good day too 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by. It was great to read your insight.


    1. They had been tempting. But now, I’d save them all up for my brother because I’ve realized where my happiness lies. The pizza rolls never made me happy. It was watching my brother’s irritation and in the same breath, his forgiving nature towards his sister, that actually made me happy.


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