Of Flowcharts

You get up in the morning and plan for the day. You believe that there’s going to be a lovely day ahead and probably, everything is not going to end up the way you sketched it but things are gonna be just fine. But, does it really happen? I mean, was there ever a day when you didn’t have to loath upon something and close your eyes without the fear of wetting them? No matter how crappy your day was, you always wish for something extraordinary to turn up in the end. You close your eyes and make wishes because you know that this world ain’t a wish granting factory. Ofcourse, it’s not. If you wish for something and that happens to come true, remember that you are gonna lose something as well. But remember, wishes do come true. You just need to keep your faith and you also need to let go of something that was dear to you.


5 thoughts on “Of Flowcharts”

  1. My gracious goodness, I must confess to you I have had many good days without one loathsome annoyance, but then I’m almost 70 years old and have lower expectations as the years go by. I think you must not have lived long enough – those days will come for you! 🙂

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  2. Faith is the strongest feeling and emotion one can have. Well…. Love too I guess. When there is faith there is love. Letting go of that “thing” that is dear to a person is very hard. Or maybe it is not.It’s on its way out. Thanks for the post as always. Hope your having a great day

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