Of Remembrance

Lucky are the people who are never pushed into oblivion. Someone who stirs your soul without even trying is rare to find. Someone who tells you things you never considered before, who agitates and soothes you at the right times, someone who you helplessly give in to, someone who makes you question your own thoughts and come off with a better outlook, someone who just doesn’t know you but sees right through your soul. You have a few moments to remember but them, you remember clearly. There is nothing extraordinary about them but the fact that ‘they’ did it, changes every single perception. Their memories doesn’t fade. Just becomes harsh because with passing time, you miss them even more. You wonder what it would have been like to have spent more time with them, to have explored them a little more. Lucky are the people who are never forgotten without putting in any efforts. Well, sometimes, just sometimes the people you cannot forget are the ones you spent the least time with.


3 thoughts on “Of Remembrance”

  1. It is amazing how one can get to know someone period of time without even meeting. It is also very interesting that the someone can read another persons soul. Then again I guess it is rare that one can hear what people are thinking and are in another country.

    It is my belief that if either one was thinking of giving up, (which believe me, it crosses my mind) I do not believe it would happen because the heart won’t let it.

    I have to get traffic. Nice Post. Have a great day



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