Of Dad’s Advice To His Little Girl

“I know how you feel,” he said, clasping his daughter’s hand tightly.

“Scared and confused doesn’t even sum it up, Dad!” she murmured, withdrawing her hand and sighing.

“I know,” her dad says again. “I know you’re thinking that you are taking a big leap into the uncertainty. I know it feels like standing on one footstep and realizing that the staircase in front of you is actually a dead end. It’s not always going to be easy and you know that. It’s going to be a struggle from here on. But remember, everyone has to struggle in some way or the other. Each one of us goes through the same course in life in different little ways. I know you are afraid. I know you want to step back and live under the brighter sunshine. But no, my little girl, you’ve to go. You’ve to fly to discover what exists beyond the sun. And for that, you have to leave the ground. You’ve to leave this known haven behind.”

The speakers spluttered. The lady stated that it was the final boarding call.

“Dad, what if I fail?”

“You’ll never learn to fly, sweetheart, if you never fall. We’ll be there. We’ll have your back. In your darkest times, I promise you we’ll be there. When things go wrong, remember to struggle and live until the end of the day. What will matter twenty years from now is not where you reached but how you made the best of every opportunity you had with you. The next morning will be a new one. You’ve to keep faith and you’ll be fine.”

Her feet trudged along lazily. Her footsteps were heavy.

“How do you know I’ll be fine?” she cried.

Clasping her hand again and hugging her close to his heart, her father kissed her goodbye.

“You’ll be fine. You’ll be just fine,” he said.


4 thoughts on “Of Dad’s Advice To His Little Girl”

  1. Thanks for the post, its always nice to be able to connect with a writer on a personal level almost everytime. It’s nice to speak with someone who can point the direction of reality. That’s why I like your post. When the bird takes off there’s no landing. Thanks again for stimulating my mind.

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  2. oh I remember well those moments as a Mum when I had to encourage my daughter to fly! Holding her hand as she left for her Gap year, leaving her crying at Uni cos she didnt like her new room. But I am so proud of her now as she has learnt more than I ever have in such a short time. The other day she rang me to tell me how she nursed 2 people who were dying ( in one night shift!). Her sense of purpose was awesome- imagine if parents hold so tight to their children that this could never happen ! Now I have the same letting go process to go through with daughter number 2 ! Than you for the reminder …..she will be fine x

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