Of Wishes That Come True

When it’s your birthday, the day you were born, you wish for so many things. The interminable excitements, the unfathomable joys, the plans and preparations. You look forward to wishes at midnight and you actually expect people who haven’t talked to you for ages to drop a birthday text or ring you up. You buy lovely dresses and plan your hairstyles since, like a week before the day.

The best part of the occasion is the cake. That’s kinda obvious. You check for variety of flavours and designs. And, oh, yes I forgot the candles. The sweet sixteen or tipsy twenty one? The numbers or the thin ones? The one that opens up like a flower when lighted or the one that plays a music? Well, you pick one. But I think the most beautiful part of a birthday is where you get to blow the candle and make a wish. Because, you believe whoever is out there and grants wishes will give you the priority. After all, it’s your day.

We don’t wish for the easy stuff. We wish hardcore. Things that we cannot reach. Not just on birthdays, we make wishes every other day; with eyelashes, zinx, falling stars and what not. But the list does not end, does it? Infact, we have a different list every day. We wish because we need help and because we believe that this is going to help us stick to our hopes just for a little long. We wish, because deep down we are aware of the fact that sometimes, wishes do come true.


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