Of Moving On

She sat by the window. She wasn’t looking at anything in particular. She was engrossed in her shallow lanes of thoughts. She couldn’t help but visit every single corner of her neurons. They seemed unstable. She didn’t seem upset. Something about her was heartbreaking. Like, she needed somebody to just listen to her, pat her and not speak a word. She was in need of a person who would take her far away from the atrocities of life.

She wanted to breath without the fear of suffocating. She wanted to smile without having to think about the lonely nights she would have to cry herself to sleep. Her eyes were not teary but I could hear her weeping copiously. The strings in her heart seemed to break. Slowly, one by one. She was not so sure about why things seemed baffled. Her conscience was silent. Calm. She seemed careless about the world and the people in it. She was rewinding every single thing that happened. She didn’t want to speak about it. She was afraid of feeling vulnerable. She wished she could cry in the rain so that she didn’t have to open her heart up to anybody. Everybody she trusted, everyone she really cared about didn’t even look back for a second. Now, what do you expect from somebody who has been stabbed in the back again and again and now she’s so broken from inside that she couldn’t even lean to find the tattered pieces of her heart.

Her flames were washed away. She had to actually gather guts to smile. Who does that to a person? She swiftly stood up and walked towards the bed where her baby girl was deep asleep. She kissed her forehead gently and patted her little belly. She decided she wouldn’t let that happen to her. She had a long way to go. So, what if some random guy came, explored and left? People will come into your life just as easily as they would leave. But that doesn’t make anything worse. You are here to love, to shadow people you love and let go of people who are willing to leave.

Just remember, when you are sad, lonely and everything is shattered, watch the stars and drink the rain and speak softly to yourself that you drank all that you could.


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