Of Real Attachments

Here’s the thing. We hold on to our principles and beliefs. We make decisions and draw solid lines to see to the fact that everything goes according to our flow chart. But it never turns out just like we plan, does it? We try every possible way to hide our true feelings, remain dormant, close all the emotions in some vault to which nobody is possibly allowed to pay a visit, not even us. We convince ourselves that we can deal with it, go a long way with it. But the fear remains. Self-control is not an easy task at all. But is it always about us? Or maybe it is about the thing we are so hopelessly addicted to? For a moment, we scour for reasons to strike it out. Strike everything out. But then another version of ourselves speaks differently. It gives us a wise sermon about not letting it go. We cling to our hopes. We see vivid images and make movies in our mind. Letting go of something that strong is not an easy job. Because you cannot not notice something that genuine. You cannot strike something out when every cell of your body is reluctant to do so. Because, when it’s real, you cannot walk away.


4 thoughts on “Of Real Attachments”

    1. Hello Pratik. I’m elated and at the same time sorry to inform you that this article has not been written by me, but a fellow contributor on the blog 🙂 I’d like to thank you though for the compliment and also for stopping by!

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      1. Got it now as I’m viewing your blog on desktop, new writer in the left corner, anyways glad to see that you have found co-writer who is equally capable of writing like yours. Convey my appreciation to her, Pragati she is, right? I have read most of your articles in past and now I ll be looking for more from both of you. Keep the good work going ladies. Cheers to duo!!! 🙂

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