Of Love That Remains

Well, everybody seems to be in love nowadays. They are like shit crazy about their feelings that they don’t even think twice before hanging themselves to death or stabbing people just because their endocrine glands are uber excited. But you know what? I’ve realised there is one way to know that you actually love this person. And mind you. I’m not talking about your on and off relationships or infatuations.

When they’re asleep. When they are so much engrossed in dreaming that they smile out of nowhere. Just have a look at them. Maybe, it’s your sister you’re looking at or your best friend. Would you do anything for them? Would you fight for them even if the whole world says it’s wrong? Would you agree to make sacrifices for them just because they’re gonna be happy? Do you mind prioritising them? You’re so possessive about your things, but would you share it with them if they ask you? You’re a foodie but would you mind giving the last piece of pizza to them? You are a sleepoholic but would you get up early for them? Would you watch the game with them or go to a party even if you’re least interested? Would you forget all about yourself when it’s their happiness you’re talking about? Oh, if the answer is yes, trust me you’re in love with that person. All their flaws just seems pointless and you know how stupid you both were to take up that fight. You just cross out all the reasons that made you hate them, even if it was just for a second and you seek for that one reason to look and smile at them. Because even if you’re the most selfish person in the world, you would give up anything for the person you actually love. Because, love is all about exception-making.


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