Of Not-Yous

…So one fine night, I asked her something.

“Have you ever had an instance in your life that has changed you?” I said.

“No,” she replied.

“Anything interesting or inspiring?” I pressed.

“No,” she said again.

“Something?” I asked.

She kept quiet. Her eyes wandered momentarily, staring into the far horizon. The evening sunset gleamed in her eyes.

“Interesting,” she mumbled. “My life has been way too interesting. I have been broken to pieces and have managed to glue it all together.”

Her reply surprised me. For all these years I had known her, she had never been like this – so lost. She had always been the bubbly teenager who knew what to speak and when; how to dress right and for what; how to live life and for whom. She was this tiny quantum of energy and never before had I heard her so … defeated.

“You don’t sound like you,” I told her.

“Wow, that’s new,” she said. “Why?”

I shrugged.

“It’s just that deep, dark, sad has never been you,” I said.

She sighed. A ghost of a smile flickered on her face. A sad smile.

“If only someone asked,” she said in a low whisper. I heard her, though.


8 thoughts on “Of Not-Yous”

  1. It may seem so simple to some but this is exactly why I started blogging (http://t.co/2ZGrxI3u9j) …for those who’ve never had anyone ask. Or those who’ve had a few ask but not wait around for the answer. Or they hear the answer but either dismiss it or not recognize it. Sorry to be lengthy… this struck a chord b/c it’s close to my heart. Smiles are hiding quite a bit these days…


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  2. I almost feel sorry for those who have sheltered lives. Of course younger people still have plenty of time to be challenged and hopefully they mature and roll with it. When someone reached out to me as a sanity check was so appreciated and helped take a step back and re focus.

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  3. This post will strike a chord with each one of us.. I believe each one of us has had that one instance in our lives that has “changed” us. Some our fortunate to be able to share their sorrows while some face the hard way and move forward..

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