Of Scars That Remain Behind

People are always looking for ways to get rid of scars. Who wants to carry a bundle of sad memories anyway?!

They try the best creams, visit a doctor, obsess too much over the broken skin. I really don’t understand why everyone needs to have flawless skin.

Perhaps the creams might heal the skin and a few tablets and a dash of make-up may get rid of the slight bump, but there’ll always be the ghost of a wound there. The wounds heal but they never go away completely.

The scars hold the stories. Just like a person’s eyes gives away a lot about how they are feeling, scars are like secret road maps, holding painful histories.

The scars remain behind for a good reason, though. To remind. Maybe the skin pulls up a new face with each passing year, but we still remember our scars and everything that has ever hurt us.

When we are down and the sky is dark, the scars remind us that we can live through that, for there have been darker days. They tell us to hold on, for light awaits us.

The scars remind us to have strength in our darkest hour.

They sketch blurred vignettes of our life. The painful ones. We remember where exactly it hurt and why.

And how it healed.


12 thoughts on “Of Scars That Remain Behind”

  1. i really dig what you’re saying!
    i used to have piercings all over, but i’ve taken them all out, mostly for surgeries. i had some of them for 20 years. there are scars in lots of places, including my face. rude people ask me if i was sorry i had the piercings since i have these marks on me.

    i agree with you, though. all those marks tell of my life and feelings and my desires, of my dreams and of the pain i went through to get them. i’ll never regret them. i’m mostly tattooed, and i still love my tattoos like it was the first day i got them! i guess those are big time scars, if one cares to see it that way. 🙂

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  2. I couldn’t find your ‘about’ page so I’ll post here. But I do like your blog, it’s easy on the eye. The coffee beans are wonderful touch as well. And as far as scars….I’m in an optimistic mood, so I don’t think they have to be all about pain. Sometimes a scar can be from an amazing trip, something adventurous with amazing people – a wonderful memory. Maybe one you hate to see healed?

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  3. Another wonderful piece. I really like your writing style. I can hear your voice loud and clear. What I know about scars is that they come from hurt. When someone offends us, we register the pain, the incredulity, the senselessness. We make them wrong and we make ourselves right. I have to remember, though, that sometimes I have a part in the exchange that results in my being hurt. I was a participant in one way or another. If I can forgive (even as Christ has forgiven me of MY offenses), then I stand a real chance of growing from the experience. Offense will rob us of joy, of happiness. It will cut us off from the sunlight of the Spirit. God wants us to be forgiven, but he also wants us to forgive others. The act of forgiveness is a powerful one.

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