Of Growing Up

When we were kids, things were simpler.

Be it our first steps or our first strokes on a paper or our first ride on a bicycle, there was always someone who had our back. If we happened to stumble, someone lent a hand. If our strokes were bent, someone taught us how to do it right. If we fell off the bike, someone picked us up and wiped our tears.

So we were not afraid to fall. We were not afraid to fail.

Our smiles were simpler.

Our words were easy.

Our eyes glimmered with hope.

If, back then, someone had told us we’d fly if we jump down the terrace, we’d have gladly done that, for we knew no fear.

When we were tucked into our blankets and whispered fairy tales, we believed they were true.

And then…

We grew up.

Smiles were no longer simple. They hid a plethora of emotions.

Each word was carefully uttered, strategically planned in advance.

Our eyes gleamed, not with hope, but with confusion.

Fear resounded in every corner of our minds. The world seemed scary.

We were careful at every step, afraid that we might fall. If our strokes were not perfect, we let them be, for there was no one to teach us. When we fell, no one was around.

And the fairytale we had dreamed of, almost every night, seemed to slip right through our fingers.

What changed in those few years?

Did we?


9 thoughts on “Of Growing Up”

  1. This made me think for quite a while. Sometimes, I still feel like a kid and feel young, but that’s supposed to be temporary, right?

    I think, when you grow up, you discover fear. Fear of a million and one things simply because you know about them now. Childhood is like a bubble, and once it pops and we’re exposed, we wish to go back inside, to see the world from a distorted and pure lens.

    I really liked this post.

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  2. This post has kind of inspired me to explore this topic…like at what age do we “grow up” or are expected to grow up? And what exactly prompts this change?

    When does our bubble as @SaffronGrey put it, pop?

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  3. Re: ‘Each word was carefully uttered, strategically planned in advance’, when you’re a child you say whatever comes into your head at that precise moment, the spontaneity is innocent and makes adults laugh, when you grow up all that disappears, like you say each word is planned in advance so it doesn’t offend, get you into trouble, costs you money, loses friends……….. the list goes on and on and on!

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